It’s Been a Long Time

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It’s been a long time since I blogged and there is good reason for it.  I’ve taken a full time position pursuing a new career as an entrepreneurial advisor.  I’ve taken the position of Program Director for the UpTech accelerator and as Commercialization Director for the Northern Kentucky office of the Kentucky Innovation Network.  What this means is I’m working every day with new business founders helping them realize their vision for a better tomorrow.

I don’t think this means the end for JB Woodruff Design, but things are definitely on hold.  I’ll keep you posted.


Shipping Address Missing from WooCommerce Order

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I was recently contacted by a client with the question, ‘Why is the Shipping Address not appearing in Orders that were manually entered in WooCommerce?’

Initially I chalked it up to the fact that I had recently updated WooCommerce (a regular activity) and I had somehow broken their installation.  Turns out, this was not the case.


WooCommerce needs a Shipping Line item (even if it’s $0) in order to display a shipping address.  So the solution to this problem is relatively simple:

1. Add a New Line Item to the Order

2. Select ‘Add Shipping Cost’

3. Save the Order

4. The Shipping Address will now appear on the Invoice and Delivery Note.


Happy WooCommercing!

Gorilla Doctors Donation

2014 Donation to the Gorilla Doctors

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In January of 2014 I committed the year to raising awareness and pledged to donate 1% of revenues to help in the conservation of Mountain Gorillas.  I’m happy to announce that I was able to make a donation to the Gorilla Doctors.

Thank you to all of my clients this year that helped me in supporting this cause.

I’ll soon be announcing a new logo and animal for 2015.

– Logo courtesy of the Gorilla Doctors and gorilla image from the CBC


Understanding Conversion Rates

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Conversion rate is a discussion I have with my startup clients on a regular basis.  It’s the rate at which a customer/user performs an activity you want them to perform.  It is often a telltale sign to answering whether or not what you’re offering is what customers are interested in using/buying. Read More


Amazon Echo: The First to Get Digital Assistant Right?

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I regularly check Amazon for their daily deals and today I was greeted with the introduction of a new Amazon device called ‘Echo.’    It’s an always-on device that actively listens for a prompt to provide you with information.  If you’re familiar with SiriCortana, or Ok Google, then you get how this works.

Amazon’s Echo starts working when you say ‘Alexa.’  By the way, what’s up with the names on these?  This effectively takes Siri, Cortana and Alexa out of the running for names for any potential future daughters for anyone.  I think it would be cool if the user could setup their own ‘wake’ word/name.  ‘Hey Dark Helmet.’  Now there’s a good wake word.

At $199 this is a pretty expensive speaker, but it does include a very interesting feature.  You no longer have to check your phone to answer life’s basic questions, just ask your house.  At the Prime introductory price of $99 this becomes a much more interesting price point.

Better hurry, this is a limited-time, invitation-0nly offer.  Why invitation? No idea.

Amazon Echo



Making Analytics a Little Bit Easier

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Now, I haven’t used it yet, but if Trialfire can deliver on its promise of making assigning analytics code easier, then I’m really excited.  I use Google Analytics for all my client’s sites so I was happy to hear that this tool will integrate with that interface.  This means I can keep using the same interface and start getting more data for my clients…pretty simple.

I’ll have to give this a try sometime soon and I think it’d be worth it for you as well.

OS X Tip: Hide Current Window

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I was messing around on my computer today and randomly clicked the OS X desktop while holding down the Option key.  The current window disappeared.  My old way of doing this was to minimize the window using Cmd + M.

It appears that to quickly hide the current window (in most programs) all you have to do is hold the Option key and left mouse click on the desktop.  Window hidden.

If you have multiple windows open then you’ll have to perform this action multiple times with the window ‘active.’  It will not work if you see ‘Finder‘ in the title bar.

My Impressions of OS X 10.10 Yosemite Public Beta

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To sum it up: It sucked!  I never got past the login screen.

I’m a big fan of Apple and was really excited to hear that the new public beta would be available to me, yes me, on July 24th.  This was my golden ticket of geekiness in the form of an email from Apple.  I promptly downloaded the latest OS X operating system using the App Store (just over a 5 GB download size) and started off the installation.

An important note: always use Time Machine (or better yet, create a duplicate backup using something like SuperDuper!) to create a backup before doing anything like this; even if it’s the final release.  It saved my butt on this one.  Fortunately, I took my own advice on this one.

After about 45 min I was ready to go on the login screen, then the following video happened. The 18th second was my favorite moment.

Screen flickering, graphics distortion.  I tried restarting.  Nothing.  I tried repairing permissions in the Disk Utility (boot using CMD + R).  Nothing.

Fortunately they built in a fix, which wasn’t really a quick fix, but it got me back to running again today.  Restore from Time Machine backup.  It’s a menu item when you access your restoration software; again, hold down CMD + R  when booting your computer.  The process took about 11 hours (wish I had a Thunderbolt drive), had to reenter some passwords, but all seems ok.

Yes, the software is a public beta, but that was seriously disappointing Apple.



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I’ve been guilty of ignoring my own advice.  I haven’t been focusing on my business as I’ve been running around like a chicken with my head cutoff going after multiple opportunities.  Don’t get me wrong, these opportunities have been amazing and will likely lead to further work, but I just haven’t spent time giving any love to this business. Read More

Cincy Sundaes

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Cincy Sundaes is a great new Cincinnati group dedicated to providing microgrants to socially minded individuals and organizations.

Here’s how it works:

1. Pay $5

2. Consume Ice Cream

3. Listen to Pitches

4. Vote on Pitches

5. Winner is Selected

It’s that simple.

You should check them out on Facebook to find out when the next event is being held.