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September 2013

Discovery Space Shuttle

30 Days of Photos: Routine

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Yep. Pretty much every day we go to see such amazing things as the Discovery Space Shuttle in the Steven F. Udvar-Hazy Center so this is my picture for ‘routine.’ Obviously this is not routine in any way but this was a pretty amazing trip so I had to share. Also, I couldn’t think of anything else routine other than brushing my teeth.

Back to the space shuttle. I have been waiting to see the space shuttles ever since NASA announced their retirement and subsequent placement around the country. I was lobbying for Wright Patterson, but that never came to be. Fast forward to this weekend and one just happens to reside near Dulles Airport in D.C. so I naturally talked my family into the trip to see it.

Do yourself a favor and go see it. Parking is $15, but entrance is free.

Another bonus of the trip; the SR-71 Blackbird. Amazing!


30 Days of Photos: Obsession

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My obsession is not food photography, but that’s a pretty good guess.  It’s cooking.  I love to cook because I love to eat.  I’m pretty sure I get it from my mom, but a few years back I really started loving everything about cooking. The discovery of good produce, creating flavors in my mind as I walked through the store, trying new items in my recipes, turning what’s left in the fridge into something exciting; I pretty much love it all.  It’s my form of mediation and escape from the worries of the world with complete focus.  Hence, my obsession.

Tonight’s dinner was lemon marinated sockeye salmon, brussels sprouts w/ shallots and roasted potato slices with fresh rosemary.  Sorry I can’t share via the internet.

What’s your obsession?  I’d love to know in your comments.


Working with WordPress Themes

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I’ve recently taken a liking to developing websites using WordPress themes. I can ensure mobile-ready, responsive designs with modern styling and plenty of freedom to make it unique for each customer. They usually run between $30 – $60, offering a low-cost alternative to custom design work that I used to focus on 100%.

So what is it like to work with WordPress themes as a designer? I love it … once I figure it all out.

As a disclaimer, I’m not a programing guy. I know my way around HTML and CSS pretty well, but any further and my brain ninja chops the back of my eyeballs. I’d love to learn, but so far I’ve been able to get away without it. Enter themes.  This is a brief impression of my working with WordPress themes:

What I love about WordPress themes:

  • Responsive design > works on any device
  • Layout design is done > …for the most part
  • No coding > cross-browser CSS was just annoying and I get less headaches.
  • Saves Time > I can support more clients now and rapidly create sites.
  • Great Set of Plugins > This is more a wordpress thing, but this makes life much easier.  These often come with the themes.

What I don’t love about WordPress themes:

  • Creativity Reduced > I’ve outsourced the most creative part
  • Inconsistencies > The headache of figuring out a new theme. Different developer means different approach and tools
  • It’s Not Drag-and-Drop > I don’t mind this actually, but you need to know your way around WordPress/HTML/CSS
  • Relatively Heavy > Meaning that the code isn’t the most efficient and can easily slow things down
Reds Lights

30 Days of Photos: After Dark

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A great night for the Reds and a reason to bust out my D7100 w/ 11-16mm for today’s ‘After Dark’ shot. I took a lot of shots during the game, but this was my favorite after cropping and throwing it into Nik Silver Efex Pro.

Let me know what you think by posting a comment.

The Green Rooster

30 Days of Photos: Something Green

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Not exactly green by most standards, but I consider this piece green. This is due not only to the green back, but because this rooster is made entirely of dry grasses and trees so ‘green’ materials.

We picked this piece up while we were honeymooning in Hawaii and it currently sits next to our toaster. Now that I write that statement I’m going to get up and move it away from certain combustion.