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November 2013

JB and Shan

What I’m Thankful For: My Wife

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It’s Thanksgiving again. Time for Fall Feast, fun, family, food, football and naps.

It’s also a time for recognizing what and who you’re thankful for. I’d like to say this year I’m thankful for my wife’s support.

The past 12 months I’ve made the transition to full-time consulting to work on my own businesses and she has been nothing but supportive.

It started when I said that I wanted to spend 4 weeks in Kenya last fall. She said ‘when are you going to have the chance to do this again in your life?’ When I mentioned turning the original 4 week plan into 3 months, she continued to support. When that 3 months in Kenya turned into 3 months in Cape Town, she was along for the ride. It continued through the summer and to this day she’s just happy that I’m loving my new career direction.

I’m thankful she’s there to help me through the entrepreneurial roll coaster every day. It’s quite the ride.


Karma WiFi Hotspot

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Came across the Karma WiFi today on

It’s a 4G WiFi hotspot that’s Pay-As-You-Go with no subscription or contracts. Price for data is $14/GB.

What makes this different is that you are incentivized to share the hotspot with people around you. For each person you share your hotspot with, you get a free 100MB in data. Very original idea that promotes community interaction.

I’m always up for making someone’s day and I’m sure this couldn’t hurt. I just purchased one myself so I’ll be sure and write a review about it once I get the chance to use it.

Want one?

If you act quickly, you can pick one up for $69 on Here’s the link.

The Squinch by Peter Hurley

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Caught this video on FStoppers today. It’s Peter Hurley’s advice on ‘squinching’ to make yourself or your subject look more confident. I have to say it really works and I wish I would have known about this back when I was taking corporate headshots for over 250 people.

Peter Hurley is putting out some great videos on Youtube on how to look better in photographs. Check them out.

[original source FStoppers]