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March 2014

Free Website Usability Testing

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Was reading up on blog posts in Pulse today and stumbled across a site that offers free usability testing with real feedback, from a real person.  Cool.

The site is called Peek and it offers free usability testing of 3 sites each month.  You put in a URL, click Start! and then enter your email address.  That’s it!  The site is in Beta currently so no news on price options in the future.  I have to assume they’ll offer pricing if you want more than 3 sites per month.  This is a great tool for freelancers and entrepreneurs like myself that are constantly launching new sites, but don’t really have anyone (or the money) to do some usability testing.

I’ll let you know how it goes once I get feedback on my 3 sites:, and

Long Tail Keywords

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In the world of the Internet, specialization (niche business) has been a growing trend as a way to combat larger businesses.  You may never be able to get the sales volumes of someone like Amazon, but you’ll get dedicated customers looking specifically for your niche product/service.

So why not use the same tactic for SEO?

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500px Prime

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I’ve long been using 500px as a way to post some of my favorite images to see what other photographers think about them. Sort of a weak peer review. I’d love to see more criticism to see how I can improve my photography, but I’ll take what I can get. What I really love about the site is seeing what really good photographers are doing from around the world. If you want to look at good photography, head to this site. Lastly, the site design is really nice. It’s clean, simple and looks great.

This brings me to 500px Prime. It’s 500px’s new stock photography site. For $250 you get complete access to the image for use on anything. Additionally, these images aren’t your average stock photos, with a side toward very artistic. The price is certainly a premium; however, the quality is there and the licensing is super simple. Best of all, they give the photographers a 70% cut where other sites are not nearly as generous. The site is currently in Beta so you’ll need to wait until you get an invitation code or the site to go live.

One of my photos was selected for the site and here is what it looks like. Nice interface.

Screen Shot 2014-03-06 at 8.10.20 AM

The Power of Shooting in RAW

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I just returned from a trip to Mexico and I’ve been going through my pictures.  I’m writing this post because I wanted to visually show how powerful shooting in RAW and using software like Lightroom can be to enhance your photos.

Here is the original (cropped).



Here is the edited photo after using Lightroom.



The reason this works is because RAW captures a lot more information than a JPEG.  The software enables you a much greater freedom during editing to bring out the colors and enhance the shadows and highlights.

Total edit time about 5 minutes.