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April 2014

Lightroom Mobile for iPad

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UPDATE: If you’re running OS X then you’re likely pretty peeved at the moment, but here’s a nice work around so you can start using it!

I’m pretty excited about trying this out.  Sure, I need to download the Creative Cloud version of Lightroom to get it to work, but that’s a minor inconvenience considering I’m already paying the monthly fee for the whole suite.  For everyone else, this would likely read as bummer.

The idea is that I’ll be able to edit photos directly on my iPad and then sync it back up with my desktop.  Sounds pretty good.  I’ll let you know you know how it goes.

Download LR 5.4 now and the Mobile app Read More

Amazon Fire TV beats Apple to the Punch

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Amazon announced the Fire TV today for $99 that competes with Apple TV, Roku and Google’s Chromecast. It plugins directly into your TV and does the regular streaming features that the others do plus featuring Amazon Prime.

Why do I say that it beats Apple to the punch then? Because of the gaming. You can buy a separate controller and play the same games you’re playing on your Kindle Fire. Where are my games Apple? Read More