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May 2014

Cincy Sundaes

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Cincy Sundaes is a great new Cincinnati group dedicated to providing microgrants to socially minded individuals and organizations.

Here’s how it works:

1. Pay $5

2. Consume Ice Cream

3. Listen to Pitches

4. Vote on Pitches

5. Winner is Selected

It’s that simple.

You should check them out on Facebook to find out when the next event is being held.


I Love Keyboard Shortcuts

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And I’m not afraid to admit it.  I truly believe that if everyone just learned the two most important shortcuts (Cmd/Control + C = Copy AND Cmd/Control + V = Paste) we’d probably raise our GDP by 10%, people would be happier and global climate change might rethink what’s it’s doing.

But seriously, you need to start using keyboard shortcuts.  Trust me.  It’s awesome.

Which brings me to why I’m writing in the first place, Waldo.  He’s been found and his last name is Bronchart (seriously?).  Waldo Bronchart has created a great tool to learn keyboard shortcuts for Lightroom and keyboard shortcuts for Photoshop.  He even made his technology Open Source so you can create your own keyboard shortcut maps.  I just realized how nerdy this sounds (checking the ‘I’m a Nerd’ category box now).

Check it out.  It’s cool I promise.  Thank you Waldo.

Shooting Video? Buy a Smartphone

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Petapixel posted an article today that had Alec Weinstein pitting the Canon 5D Mark III vs. the Samsung Galaxy Note 3. I couldn’t believe it myself, but the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 video quality wins in my opinion.  The sharpness was pretty incredible.  Granted, it was placing 4K (Samsung) against 1080p (Canon); however, what we want is best quality for the best price, right?  Seems fair to me to find the best device for the task. Read More

Hex to Pantone

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As a designer I’m often finding myself dealing with color.  I say dealing because it’s a big deal if it doesn’t match when printed and it feels like you have to make a deal with your computer just to make this happen.  This post isn’t about getting around all of the hassle, but instead it’s converting from Hex to Pantone. Read More