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October 2014


Making Analytics a Little Bit Easier

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Now, I haven’t used it yet, but if Trialfire can deliver on its promise of making assigning analytics code easier, then I’m really excited.  I use Google Analytics for all my client’s sites so I was happy to hear that this tool will integrate with that interface.  This means I can keep using the same interface and start getting more data for my clients…pretty simple.

I’ll have to give this a try sometime soon and I think it’d be worth it for you as well.

OS X Tip: Hide Current Window

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I was messing around on my computer today and randomly clicked the OS X desktop while holding down the Option key.  The current window disappeared.  My old way of doing this was to minimize the window using Cmd + M.

It appears that to quickly hide the current window (in most programs) all you have to do is hold the Option key and left mouse click on the desktop.  Window hidden.

If you have multiple windows open then you’ll have to perform this action multiple times with the window ‘active.’  It will not work if you see ‘Finder‘ in the title bar.