I am an entrepreneur, startup advisor, strategy consultant, website designer, graphic designer and photographer.  I like to help people.  I help by assessing the current state, determine what really matters, create effective solutions and measure to optimize.  That’s consultant-speak for making an impactful difference.

Why the Gorilla?

My original logo (since 2009) depicted a snowman, white blog sort of figure. It really didn’t mean anything to me and was pulled from a painting I had done.  In 2013 I made the choice to give meaning to my logo and my business (beyond the assumed).  I opted to start supporting critically endangered animals by featuring the black rhino in my logo. The reason was for two purposes.  1. People would ask me about the logo and I would help raise awareness.  It might be a small population I reach; however, sometimes it really does just take one person.  Besides, if I’m able to positively impact only one person in my life then it’s a good life.  2. I make a donation at the end of the year in the amount of 1% of my annual revenue to support conservation efforts. So why the mountain gorilla?  They are a critically endangered species.  Beyond that, I’m simply fascinated by them.  I hope to some day see them in their natural habitat.