Amazon Echo: The First to Get Digital Assistant Right?

By November 6, 2014Technology

I regularly check Amazon for their daily deals and today I was greeted with the introduction of a new Amazon device called ‘Echo.’    It’s an always-on device that actively listens for a prompt to provide you with information.  If you’re familiar with SiriCortana, or Ok Google, then you get how this works.

Amazon’s Echo starts working when you say ‘Alexa.’  By the way, what’s up with the names on these?  This effectively takes Siri, Cortana and Alexa out of the running for names for any potential future daughters for anyone.  I think it would be cool if the user could setup their own ‘wake’ word/name.  ‘Hey Dark Helmet.’  Now there’s a good wake word.

At $199 this is a pretty expensive speaker, but it does include a very interesting feature.  You no longer have to check your phone to answer life’s basic questions, just ask your house.  At the Prime introductory price of $99 this becomes a much more interesting price point.

Better hurry, this is a limited-time, invitation-0nly offer.  Why invitation? No idea.

Amazon Echo