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Shannon Dress 1

Fashion Photo Shoot

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My lovely wife has been putting her sewing skills to good use and coming up with some hot dresses as part of her business Little Luvins. So what do you do when your wife says ‘can you please take some pictures of me?’ you definitely say ‘yes.’

We had a great afternoon up at the Cincinnati Observatory taking these shots. Hope you enjoy.





Watching My Team

30 Days of Photos: Self-Portrait

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I’m embarking on a 30 day photography challenge. Round one: Self-Portrait. This one is entitled “Love / Hate My Reds” as they drop a few runs to the Pirates.

Challenge with this shot: Getting Autofocus to correctly get me while using the timer. I pretty much couldn’t move or it would be out of focus so I just got closer. I have a remote shutter release that would solve this issue and could solve your very own self-portrait autofocus issues.

Alternative, set the focus manually and know the spot.

Better alternative, have someone else click the shutter for you.

Which takes me to my awesome alternative. Use modern tools such as the CamRanger to enable you to focus and shoot using your iPhone, iPad or Android device via Wifi.

Massive Denial-of-Service Attack on Apple

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In the form of iOS 7 downloads, that is.

For those who didn’t know, the high anticipated iOS 7 was released for your i gadgets just a few short hours ago. The problem is that it appears that a lot of other people know this too and has effectively killed the ability to update due to service availability errors.

If you’re like me, you’ll be able to download the software, but upon installing and verifying the update you’ll receive an error message: “Software Update Unavailable.” It doesn’t mean it won’t work later, but for now the millions of folks with iPhones and iPads are launching an unintended denial-of-service attack on Apple.

Since you’ll be waiting a few hours, might as well remember the following before updating:
1. Update to iTunes 11.1: take advantage of the new iTunes Radio and have the ability to download the software to your computer if you’re having problems directly in your device. I couldn’t find this on Apple’s site so I got mine by following the link here:
2. Back up your iPhone/iPad: You never know if the update will kill your data.

If you get permissions errors after installing iTunes 11.1 (like I did):

1. Quit iTunes
2. Open the ‘Disk Utility’ program
3. Select your hard drive from the list on the left side. It’ll be the second one in the list, most likely labeled ‘HD.’
4. Select the ‘First Aid’ tab in the window area on the right. This will most likely already be selected.
5. Click the ‘Repair Disk Permissions’
6. Wait
7. Once the process is complete, Quit the ‘Disk Utility’ program.
8. Restart your computer
9. Enjoy!

[thank you to flickr user johnwayne2006 for the rotten apple image]

Settler of My Feet with Socks of Catan?!?

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If you haven’t heard of it, Settlers of Catan is probably one of the best board games ever created. Do yourself a favor and buy it now. Here’s a link to Amazon.

Don’t worry, I’ll wait.

Did you buy it? Good. You won’t be sorry come your next game night. Sure, my family can no longer play the game together, but I still hold firm that it’s awesome. (close second is ticket to ride).

Anywho, back to the reason for my post. It appears that Betabrand has created socks that allows you to share your fanaticism of trading sheep for rock. I just hope I don’t roll a 7 and get robbed before I can buy a pair.

On to more important things, who has the longest road?

[image source Betabrand]

New Fall Feast Coat Drive Poster

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I’ve been volunteering my design services to Give Back Cincinnati’s Fall Feast since 2008. I’m continuing this year with design for posters, flyers, website updates and marketing. I love the event and hope to continue my involvement.

Here’s a new poster for this year’s Coat Drive.


If you have an older coat or one (or more) you don’t wear anymore please consider donating to this year’s Coat Drive.

Additionally, why not plan on coming out for this year’s event on November 28th, Thanksgiving Day, at the Duke Energy Convention Center. The doors open at 10am. You can register to volunteer by going to where we hope to have updated volunteer information soon.

iPhone 5C Announced

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Apple officially announced the iPhone 5C today alongside the new iPhone 5S.

My take is that Apple is finally enabling their business to go after emerging markets with a lower cost device. Samsung has been cleaning up on the continent of Africa so we’ll see if this device can gain some traction.

[image sourced from Engadget]
Mt. Lookout Square

Work Realized in Mt. Lookout Square

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My friend, Dean Lutton (of Reztark) and I worked with the Mt. Lookout Community Development Council a few years back to conceptualize a whole new square for Mt. Lookout. Yesterday as I drove through the square I saw our vision realized.

Always cool seeing your work out in the open like this. Hope you all like it.

Mt Lookout Pole Banners

Here are the original designs: