Cincy Sundaes

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Cincy Sundaes is a great new Cincinnati group dedicated to providing microgrants to socially minded individuals and organizations.

Here’s how it works:

1. Pay $5

2. Consume Ice Cream

3. Listen to Pitches

4. Vote on Pitches

5. Winner is Selected

It’s that simple.

You should check them out on Facebook to find out when the next event is being held.


Fall Feast Flyers

Cincinnati’s Fall Feast Gearing Up

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I’ve been volunteering my graphic design and web skills to Give Back Cincinnati’s Fall Feast for the past 6 years. Now that it’s November again we’re kicking it into high gear and beginning our push beginning with coat drives and coffee stations. These flyers will be handed out this weekend to promote the event that will be held at the Duke Energy Convention Center on Thanksgiving morning.

Creative Mornings

Creative Mornings Cincinnati w/ Thomas Dutton

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Headed down to the CAC this morning for Cincinnati’s edition of Creative Mornings. This month’s theme is Urbanism (reflected in the image above). Thomas Dutton, from Miami University, came in to discuss his community involvement work in OTR through the DesignBuild Studio. As I continue to learn more about development in OTR I find myself enjoying hearing all of the different perspectives around the controversial topic of gentrification.

The main take away I had was that if you want to development an area/group of people/society, you better include the people who live in that area in the discussion. More eloquently stated through a quote Thomas shared:

“It is one thing to implement an [urban development] campaign in a society in which the subordinate classes begin to take their history into their own hands, with enthusiasm, with hope, and another to put into practice [urban development] campaigns in societies in which the subordinate classes find themselves removed from the possibility of exercising a greater participation in the transformation of their society.” -Paulo Freire, The Pedagogy of the City

Having spent a couple years of my life working in Africa and NGOs I can attest to the importance of avoiding doing what you think is right and what is actually right.

2013 Inkubator Presentations

2013 Inkubator Graduating Class

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Attended the graduation/final pitch session for the 2013 Inkubator class today. Over the past couple of months, I’ve had the opportunity to spend some Tuesday nights with this group to learn what they’re creating and provide some advice where I could. They did a great job with their presentations today and looking forward to seeing what they continue to do in the future. Also nice work to Rodney and Zac.

Startups included: Greenwich Meenwich, Leap App/My Drafter?, A.C.T. Right, Pet Monster, Touritz and Cotrace.