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My Ultimate Christmas List – 2013

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It’s that time of year where we share gifts with those we love. My favorite part is watching the joy on a person’s face when you know you’ve gotten them exactly what they want/love.

I thought I’d share with you a christmas list of things that I’ve had my eye on this year. So, if you want to see that look of joy on my face you’re more than welcome to send these things my way this holiday season. Read More


Karma WiFi Hotspot

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Came across the Karma WiFi today on

It’s a 4G WiFi hotspot that’s Pay-As-You-Go with no subscription or contracts. Price for data is $14/GB.

What makes this different is that you are incentivized to share the hotspot with people around you. For each person you share your hotspot with, you get a free 100MB in data. Very original idea that promotes community interaction.

I’m always up for making someone’s day and I’m sure this couldn’t hurt. I just purchased one myself so I’ll be sure and write a review about it once I get the chance to use it.

Want one?

If you act quickly, you can pick one up for $69 on Here’s the link.

Settler of My Feet with Socks of Catan?!?

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If you haven’t heard of it, Settlers of Catan is probably one of the best board games ever created. Do yourself a favor and buy it now. Here’s a link to Amazon.

Don’t worry, I’ll wait.

Did you buy it? Good. You won’t be sorry come your next game night. Sure, my family can no longer play the game together, but I still hold firm that it’s awesome. (close second is ticket to ride).

Anywho, back to the reason for my post. It appears that Betabrand has created socks that allows you to share your fanaticism of trading sheep for rock. I just hope I don’t roll a 7 and get robbed before I can buy a pair.

On to more important things, who has the longest road?

[image source Betabrand]