Don’t Forget to Have Fun

By January 26, 2014Insight

Since my wife and I are now both self-employed, we find that nights and weekends are often spent working and building our businesses.

My advice: Take time to enjoy life.

Although we both love the work we do, we realize that it’s important to take time to relax and have fun. Re-energize your spirit and make the time. Schedule if you have to.

A couple ideas:

  • Take advantage of happy hours that start at 4pm. Everyone else is working, so you’ll get great service.
  • Join a sports team. This makes you get out of the house and burn off some steam.
  • Take your lunch break. Schedule lunch meetings with people, head to the gym or hit the forest for a hike.
  • Play a board game. You’re relaxing, challenging your brain in other ways and spending time with those you love. Check out Relic Runners; new game I got for Christmas that is pretty good.

How do you relax as an entrepreneur? Let me know.