By January 8, 2014Software, Technology, Website

I recently wrote on Kikai Mining’s blog about the value of search engines in our society and about two of the major players, Google and Bing.  I tried using Bing for a bit and honestly didn’t find any value of using it over Google.

Enter today.  I read about DuckDuckGo on The Next Web using my favorite RSS reader Pulse.  It promises an anonymous and instant search result.  I personally don’t care much about privacy, but it appears with the huge NSA backlash that their marketshare has really begun to tick upward to the tune of 1 billion searches in 2013.

Privacy focused startups should have a solid year in 2014 as more and more people look to shroud themselves from the watchful eye of governments.  I’m pretty sure they don’t care about your searches of dogs wearing pantyhose (which is cruel and very odd), but whatever floats your boat.

Check out DuckDuckGo.

You can read more about why to use the service at