By June 20, 2014Insight, Startups

I’ve been guilty of ignoring my own advice.  I haven’t been focusing on my business as I’ve been running around like a chicken with my head cutoff going after multiple opportunities.  Don’t get me wrong, these opportunities have been amazing and will likely lead to further work, but I just haven’t spent time giving any love to this business.

What do I want this business to be?

This is a question that I haven’t really thought much about. I’ve been so focused on getting work and completing it. The last company you give time for is your own. When mentoring others my question in this situation is ‘What do you want your business to look like?’

A focused direction

I spent some time recently answering this very question. I love working with clients who really need my expertise in business model development, brand definition and marketing material creation. As such, I’ve focused my service offerings to speak more closely to how I can help startups, small-medium sized business and nonprofits.

This focus meant some casualties along the way. One item that has been removed from my list is photography. Yes, I can still provide photography services for clients; however, it is no longer a focus.

How can this help you?

When looking at your own business are you being realistic with what you can and want to offer? Focus where you can and make your offering clear to your clients.