My Impressions of OS X 10.10 Yosemite Public Beta

By July 25, 2014Software

To sum it up: It sucked!  I never got past the login screen.

I’m a big fan of Apple and was really excited to hear that the new public beta would be available to me, yes me, on July 24th.  This was my golden ticket of geekiness in the form of an email from Apple.  I promptly downloaded the latest OS X operating system using the App Store (just over a 5 GB download size) and started off the installation.

An important note: always use Time Machine (or better yet, create a duplicate backup using something like SuperDuper!) to create a backup before doing anything like this; even if it’s the final release.  It saved my butt on this one.  Fortunately, I took my own advice on this one.

After about 45 min I was ready to go on the login screen, then the following video happened. The 18th second was my favorite moment.

Screen flickering, graphics distortion.  I tried restarting.  Nothing.  I tried repairing permissions in the Disk Utility (boot using CMD + R).  Nothing.

Fortunately they built in a fix, which wasn’t really a quick fix, but it got me back to running again today.  Restore from Time Machine backup.  It’s a menu item when you access your restoration software; again, hold down CMD + R  when booting your computer.  The process took about 11 hours (wish I had a Thunderbolt drive), had to reenter some passwords, but all seems ok.

Yes, the software is a public beta, but that was seriously disappointing Apple.

  • Георги Петков

    I was getting the exact same flickering and inability to login. The strange thing is, this happened several days after I installed the public beta. I managed to do an Internet recovery (⌘ + ⌥ + R at boot) to Lion, which my MBP originally shipped with and then upgraded to Mavericks. Took a couple of hours and almost a nervous breakdown waiting to see if my data will be there.

    • JB

      Sorry to hear it. Hope you’ll have the same luck with things getting back to normal as I did.

      I’m starting to think it was the programs I have installed on my MBP. I wonder if I would have done a safe boot if this would have happened. I never tried it and likely won’t be trying it again.

      Since then I loaded it on an older Macbook that we no longer use and it works!

      • Георги Петков

        Hmm, this looks to me more like a display something (driver, framework) problem. The probability that we have the same version of a particular program that starts not even at login time but at boot time and is not part of the OS is rather meager. I did try Safe Mode – despite it being really slow I managed to successfully log in. Unfortunately it didn’t help: after I rebooted into normal mode the problem was still there. As a sidenote, this flickering does actually lead to a crash and a restart if one waits long enough.

        • JB

          Good catch. I’ve always had problems with the GPU in this machine and was something else I suspected. I’m on my 3rd logic board over its lifetime.