Long Tail Keywords

By March 28, 2014Insight, Software, Technology

In the world of the Internet, specialization (niche business) has been a growing trend as a way to combat larger businesses.  You may never be able to get the sales volumes of someone like Amazon, but you’ll get dedicated customers looking specifically for your niche product/service.

So why not use the same tactic for SEO?

The term is known as long tail keywords.  The idea is to focus on keyword phrases that are 3 (or 4) keywords that form a (relatively) commonly searched phrase.  The phrase should be integrated into the title of pages and content within the pages.  Theoretically this should then help drive those folks looking for more specific information out there.

Here’s an easy to understand method on how to modify your content to capture long tail traffic posted by Neil Patel at QuickSprout – http://bit.ly/1peV9Xj

Services like HitTail and QuickSprout help analyze websites to provide insight into how to improve search rankings.