Lytro Illum Available for Pre-Order

By April 22, 2014Photography, Technology

Lytro announced today their latest light field camera called the Illum.  It promises 4x the resolution of the original Lytro camera.  It’s a slick looking camera with a constant f/2.0 over the 30mm-250mm range; an impressive feat.  Priced at $1,499, it’s definitely not the cheapest option out there for a camera.

My complaints with the original were ergonomic and resolution based, which this new iteration seems to have tackled.  It was cool that I could choose the focus after the fact; however, the images really turned out to be unusable due to their low quality and 1:1 ratio.  Taking pictures was fairly awkward with its unique shape.  The camera turn out really to be a proof of concept and more of a gimmick in my opinion.

I’d love to get my hands on this next iteration to check out the resolution and how it feels in your hand.  Early example photos aren’t giving me a warm and fuzzy feeling about the sharpness of the images, but they certainly look a lot better and may find an excellent place in online applications.

The camera will be released this summer so we’ll have to keep our eyes out for reviews around that time.  For now, you can go over to Lytro’s website and Pre-Order the device now.


[Photo and Video sourced from the Lytro Website at]