Shipping Address Missing from WooCommerce Order

By May 27, 2015How To

I was recently contacted by a client with the question, ‘Why is the Shipping Address not appearing in Orders that were manually entered in WooCommerce?’

Initially I chalked it up to the fact that I had recently updated WooCommerce (a regular activity) and I had somehow broken their installation.  Turns out, this was not the case.


WooCommerce needs a Shipping Line item (even if it’s $0) in order to display a shipping address.  So the solution to this problem is relatively simple:

1. Add a New Line Item to the Order

2. Select ‘Add Shipping Cost’

3. Save the Order

4. The Shipping Address will now appear on the Invoice and Delivery Note.


Happy WooCommercing!

  • Ian Alport

    Hi I also have amissing shipping address but from online orders, the email that is sent to the shop has a billing address but no delivery address, this started out when the shop asked us to add a phone number to the delivery address, I’m not that familiar with woocommerce so I asked a friend and he did manage to get the phone number working, however, since then I updated woocommerce and now the email order has billing address, the phone number and no delivery address, which of course is quite important. So I don’t know if the cause was my friend’s changes or the update, he is now too busy to help :-(. How do I fix it?