Shooting Video? Buy a Smartphone

Petapixel posted an article today that had Alec Weinstein pitting the Canon 5D Mark III vs. the Samsung Galaxy Note 3. I couldn’t believe it myself, but the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 video quality wins in my opinion.  The sharpness was pretty incredible.  Granted, it was placing 4K (Samsung) against 1080p (Canon); however, what we want is best quality for the best price, right?  Seems fair to me to find the best device for the task.

A couple caveats to consider in this test:

1. There was no low-light testing done.  My guess is that the Samsung wouldn’t fair as well in this test, but we’ll have to wait on the follow up.

2. The highlights were better for the 5D Mark III.  Each Samsung video showed the highlights really blown out when looking at a high contrast scene.  Not a huge deal, but worth noting.

Here’s the video so you can watch it yourself: