Storehouse for iPad – Guest Review

By January 21, 2014Photography, Review, Software

I’ve been thinking a lot about how to share pictures in a more meaningful way. I’m now up to 49,911 photos in my Lightroom library. I’ve traditionally shared everything on my Smugmug site (great site by the way) and they’ve done an awesome job of updating their themes to enhance the user experience.

The problem with Smugmug is that it’s essentially just an album. No stories, no context.

Enter Storehouse. I saw this yesterday on the App Store and have yet to try it out, but my brother was quick to download and here are his thoughts:


  • Super easy to use. Was able to create and publish a test page within 5 mins.
  • Links to enough social media accounts that it’s reasonable that you could plan ahead and take pics through Instagram, or like you said, just upload pics directly to your iPad Album.
  • Looks great.
  • It’s Free! A huge plus in my book.


  • It’s public and there’s no way around that. Therefore, can’t create and share anything intimate or have descriptions that you wouldn’t want to the whole world (which includes your employer) to read.

Thanks Mike for the quick review. I look forward to trying this out.

On a related note, there is another great site out there doing a very similar thing: Exposure. I’ll try to write up my thoughts on this in the future.