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The Power of Shooting in RAW

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I just returned from a trip to Mexico and I’ve been going through my pictures.  I’m writing this post because I wanted to visually show how powerful shooting in RAW and using software like Lightroom can be to enhance your photos.

Here is the original (cropped).



Here is the edited photo after using Lightroom.



The reason this works is because RAW captures a lot more information than a JPEG.  The software enables you a much greater freedom during editing to bring out the colors and enhance the shadows and highlights.

Total edit time about 5 minutes.

Great OS X Photography App Bundle

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I love application bundles for OS X and this one might be one of the best I’ve seen.  This one comes from StackSocial and it’s The SuperStacked Mac Bundle 2.0.  I like it because one, it’s for Photography/Design and two, the applications are really good.

I already own the good ones of this bunch, Snapheal, Focus and ColorStrokes, but for $30, those alone are worth it.

Yes, if you have Photoshop then you can perform most of these functions; however, these apps make the actions easy.

Snapheal > remove unwanted objects in the photo.

Focus > nice focus effects to achieve a shallow depth of field look or miniaturization effect.

ColorStrokes > remove color from everything, but the objects you want to pop.

I don’t get paid to promote this one (wish I did) so it’s just my word on this one.  Worth trying out if you’re into photography and want some great tools to enhance your photos.

Discovery Space Shuttle

30 Days of Photos: Routine

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Yep. Pretty much every day we go to see such amazing things as the Discovery Space Shuttle in the Steven F. Udvar-Hazy Center so this is my picture for ‘routine.’ Obviously this is not routine in any way but this was a pretty amazing trip so I had to share. Also, I couldn’t think of anything else routine other than brushing my teeth.

Back to the space shuttle. I have been waiting to see the space shuttles ever since NASA announced their retirement and subsequent placement around the country. I was lobbying for Wright Patterson, but that never came to be. Fast forward to this weekend and one just happens to reside near Dulles Airport in D.C. so I naturally talked my family into the trip to see it.

Do yourself a favor and go see it. Parking is $15, but entrance is free.

Another bonus of the trip; the SR-71 Blackbird. Amazing!


30 Days of Photos: Obsession

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My obsession is not food photography, but that’s a pretty good guess.  It’s cooking.  I love to cook because I love to eat.  I’m pretty sure I get it from my mom, but a few years back I really started loving everything about cooking. The discovery of good produce, creating flavors in my mind as I walked through the store, trying new items in my recipes, turning what’s left in the fridge into something exciting; I pretty much love it all.  It’s my form of mediation and escape from the worries of the world with complete focus.  Hence, my obsession.

Tonight’s dinner was lemon marinated sockeye salmon, brussels sprouts w/ shallots and roasted potato slices with fresh rosemary.  Sorry I can’t share via the internet.

What’s your obsession?  I’d love to know in your comments.

The Green Rooster

30 Days of Photos: Something Green

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Not exactly green by most standards, but I consider this piece green. This is due not only to the green back, but because this rooster is made entirely of dry grasses and trees so ‘green’ materials.

We picked this piece up while we were honeymooning in Hawaii and it currently sits next to our toaster. Now that I write that statement I’m going to get up and move it away from certain combustion.

Shannon Dress 1

Fashion Photo Shoot

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My lovely wife has been putting her sewing skills to good use and coming up with some hot dresses as part of her business Little Luvins. So what do you do when your wife says ‘can you please take some pictures of me?’ you definitely say ‘yes.’

We had a great afternoon up at the Cincinnati Observatory taking these shots. Hope you enjoy.