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30 Days of Photos: Self-Portrait

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30 days of photos have come to a close. The task started with a Self-Portrait so it makes sense that it closes with the same. This time around I had Shannon take the picture while I chose the shot. Maybe not a technical self-portrait, but I’m leaving this one up for interpretation.

Should you do a 30 days of photos

Yes. Without a question. Whether you like to take photos or want to get into it, it’s a lot of fun thinking every day about how you can embody a theme into an image. It’s a perfect creative booster in your life so go out and give it a try.

What else?

I’ve been trying to get photography into my daily life and this was a perfect way to do so. I found myself carrying my camera more often. I was looking for things I don’t normally see. It was a brilliant exercise in photography to continue to fine tune my craft. I’m already looking forward to my next one of these. Maybe 365 days of photos?

Watching My Team

30 Days of Photos: Self-Portrait

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I’m embarking on a 30 day photography challenge. Round one: Self-Portrait. This one is entitled “Love / Hate My Reds” as they drop a few runs to the Pirates.

Challenge with this shot: Getting Autofocus to correctly get me while using the timer. I pretty much couldn’t move or it would be out of focus so I just got closer. I have a remote shutter release that would solve this issue and could solve your very own self-portrait autofocus issues.

Alternative, set the focus manually and know the spot.

Better alternative, have someone else click the shutter for you.

Which takes me to my awesome alternative. Use modern tools such as the CamRanger to enable you to focus and shoot using your iPhone, iPad or Android device via Wifi.