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30 Days of Photos: Routine

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Yep. Pretty much every day we go to see such amazing things as the Discovery Space Shuttle in the Steven F. Udvar-Hazy Center so this is my picture for ‘routine.’ Obviously this is not routine in any way but this was a pretty amazing trip so I had to share. Also, I couldn’t think of anything else routine other than brushing my teeth.

Back to the space shuttle. I have been waiting to see the space shuttles ever since NASA announced their retirement and subsequent placement around the country. I was lobbying for Wright Patterson, but that never came to be. Fast forward to this weekend and one just happens to reside near Dulles Airport in D.C. so I naturally talked my family into the trip to see it.

Do yourself a favor and go see it. Parking is $15, but entrance is free.

Another bonus of the trip; the SR-71 Blackbird. Amazing!