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Great OS X Photography App Bundle

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I love application bundles for OS X and this one might be one of the best I’ve seen.  This one comes from StackSocial and it’s The SuperStacked Mac Bundle 2.0.  I like it because one, it’s for Photography/Design and two, the applications are really good.

I already own the good ones of this bunch, Snapheal, Focus and ColorStrokes, but for $30, those alone are worth it.

Yes, if you have Photoshop then you can perform most of these functions; however, these apps make the actions easy.

Snapheal > remove unwanted objects in the photo.

Focus > nice focus effects to achieve a shallow depth of field look or miniaturization effect.

ColorStrokes > remove color from everything, but the objects you want to pop.

I don’t get paid to promote this one (wish I did) so it’s just my word on this one.  Worth trying out if you’re into photography and want some great tools to enhance your photos.


Karma WiFi Hotspot

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Came across the Karma WiFi today on Stacksocial.com.

It’s a 4G WiFi hotspot that’s Pay-As-You-Go with no subscription or contracts. Price for data is $14/GB.

What makes this different is that you are incentivized to share the hotspot with people around you. For each person you share your hotspot with, you get a free 100MB in data. Very original idea that promotes community interaction.

I’m always up for making someone’s day and I’m sure this couldn’t hurt. I just purchased one myself so I’ll be sure and write a review about it once I get the chance to use it.

Want one?

If you act quickly, you can pick one up for $69 on stacksocial.com. Here’s the link.