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I’m speaking at the Social Enterprise Alliance meeting tomorrow where I’ll be sharing my recommendations for technology for nonprofits.  There’s a lot I could recommend, but I’ve narrowed it down to some of my favorites that I use for for-profit businesses.  The kicker is that all of these are free tech tools for nonprofits.  You’ve got a 501(c)(3) then they’re free.

Enterprise Software

Google Apps for Business

Get free, cloud-based enterprise software that’s rock solid.  Email with shared contacts, Shared Calendars, Shared Documents, Wordprocessing, Spreadsheets, Presentation tools, Youtube, etc.  It’s a great package that you can tie to your custom .org address and become professional overnight.



There’s a lot of great tools out there for modern ‘business social networking.’  No more lost emails.  Everyone sees all conversations.  It’s a simple tool, but very effective.  Yammer is a great option.  As another option, check out Convo.  Both are based on a freemium model.

Electronic Newsletters


I’m a loyal fan of MailChimp.  It’s easy and I love it.  Best part, it’s free for up to 2,000 contacts and 12,000 emails per month.  If you’re big it can certainly start to cost a bit so would be good to reconsider when growing.

Web Hosting


I had a falling out with Dreamhost last year when they weren’t very helpful in recovering some data of mine.  Granted, it was the 9th year and I’d never had an issue with them before, which is why I’m endorsing them for nonprofit use.  Why?  They’re free.

Building a Website


I use WordPress for this site and all of my client’s sites.  It’s an amazing tool for a full-feature website.  You could use or, but they’re not free.  Wordpress is open source.  Dreamhost even offers a one-click install feature for WordPress with your free hosting.  Wordpress also had a ton of great, free themes for you to use.  You could always Contact Me and I’ll be happy to help you out.

Website Analytics

Google Analytics

You’ve made an investment on a website so you better know if people are using it.  Google offers their Analytics tool for free and it’s awesome.  You’ll be able to see unique visitors, what they’re looking at, how often they’re looking at it, where they live, how they got there, etc.  You NEED an analytics tool if you’re making any marketing efforts because how else would you know if they’re working?


Here’s the presentation from the event covering this content.  Please feel free to use as you wish. Presentation PDF: TechnologyforNonProfits

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